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Hi! My name is Maxim Schmidt. I am a math student from Germany. I spend most of my time studying, thinking, reading, running and occasionally, hiking.

This blog is intended as a platform for my thoughts and ideas. Topics I write about include philosophy, economics, productivity and psychology. There is no fixed plan for this blog though (which is very unlike me). Instead, I simply write about things that recently have caught my attention and interest.

Back in school, I enjoyed writing a lot, but stopped doing it because my focus shifted elsewhere. Now I want to get back to it. You can’t have enough reliable sources of satisfaction.

I want to share knowledge that I believe is interesting or beneficial to others. Many of the articles were motivated by the fact that I haven’t found a sufficiently clear explanation somewhere else. Apart from that, sharing knowledge is your best bet at immortality.

I think of myself as a good explainer, so I try to write as readable and as accessible as possible. But I also want to write articles that I would enjoy reading myself. Have fun!